There are two ways to handle your digital marketing efforts. You can conduct your marketing in-house or outsource your marketing and hire a digital agency or combine the two. Before deciding which route to take, let’s first give you a better understanding of what a digital agency is and what they can do for you:

What is a digital agency?

What is a digital agency?

A digital agency focuses primarily on marketing your business, products, and services in the digital world. This of done through website design and development, search engine optimization (SEO), content marketing, paid online advertising, social media, email marketing, and other services. The following are some types of digital marketing agencies and an explanation of what they do for a business.


Digital Marketing Agency

A digital marketing agency reaches customers online through multi-channel or single-channel marketing. With multichannel and single-channel marketing, agencies interact with customers in one or multiple channels such as websites, blogs, email, social media, and more. They give their customers the best Digital Marketing Package to boost their business.


SEO Agency

Digital marketing agencies specializing in SEO (search engine optimization) help their clients’ websites and content rank high on search results. They will have specialists perform Keyword research, Website audits, Website and blog content, Video description optimization, link building, and more.

An SEO company will utilize various data analytics and website developer tools like Google Analytics, Google Search Console, SEM Rush, and SEO Moz. SEO agencies are always early adopters of search engine optimization best practices, including compliance with Google’s ever-changing search algorithm.


Full-Service Digital Marketing Agency

A full-service digital marketing agency tends to be larger than most other agencies and offers various digital marketing services. Businesses often partner with full-service digital marketing agencies because they have the experience doing specific projects that the companies need to be done, such as lead nurture campaigns or a website redesign. These agencies can also bring added muscle to existing marketing departments at a lower cost than it would take to build them out with new hires.


Social Media Agency

Social media agencies can manage and produce social content and set up advertisements on social platforms like Facebook and Instagram. They will also offer services related to responding and reacting to customer interactions on social media platforms. The Best Digital Marketing Agency also offers influencer outreach for cross-promotion or affiliate marketing.


Web Design Agency

A web design agency comprises of creative designers who build customized and optimized websites or web pages for businesses. Web designers will handle the pages’ look, feel, and functionality, whether for a brand new website, website redesign, or a smaller project. Standard services offered by website agencies include image creation and storage, web development, and web hosting.

Companies work with digital marketing agencies because of their expertise in online marketing. Agencies such as Digital Melons know the latest trends, best practices, and best tools and strategies required for successful digital marketing and help your business grow digitally.