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With our trustworthy book marketing strategies and campaigns specially designed to meet your product needs, you can publish and promote your book and help it become a bestseller.[elementor-template id=”569″]

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Are you looking to publish an eBook but need help finding the best book publishing companies? Now we will publish and market your book through the best publishers and marketers. Hire our book publishing services and save time, energy, and money.

As a book marketing company, we will spread out your eBooks as we are experienced in doing book marketing projects for countless authors. We ensure that your eBook will get the maximum reach and readers around the world with beneficial results so far.

Do your personal work, focus on businesses, and let your eBook publishing and marketing project be on us because we are eager to do book marketing for you. Forget about hiring publishers from freelance online platforms and being part of an experienced book marketing company like us to publish and market your eBooks under your name.

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Be a Part of Elite Book Marketing Company and Publishing Services

Publish more and earn more because all publishing and marketing efforts are easier with Digitalmelons.co. We want to see you as a successful best-selling writer. We will guide you in publishing and marketing your ebook to make you witness more earnings. We help with a publishing book as the best book marketing company just in a few amount that is easy on pockets. We will professionally publish and market whatever genre you want because we know all genres’ depth and attributes.
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We Have Helped Thousands Of Writers Get Their Work Published

Our diversified talent pool with multiple unique skillsets has enabled us to specialize in various genres and cater to the ghostwriting needs of clients from varying industries and professional spheres.


Non – Fiction





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Book Marketing Services To Market Your Book Internationally

Even with the increased competition, book promotion is still vital. With our expert book marketing services, you can effectively sell your book by identifying your target market and improving your offering. Utilize our unique book marketing and promotion tactics to elevate your literary success. Benefit significantly from our strategic book marketing services for writers that self-publish.[elementor-template id=”504″]

Putting Amazing Book Marketing Strategies & Plans into Practice

As a top book marketing company, we work hard to produce results. Our successful book marketing plan and methods considerably raise your book’s position. We hope to help your book reach its full potential by focusing on the correct reader. Our distribution network enables you to increase sales. With our outstanding book marketing suggestions, you may increase your book’s readership and revenues. Rank your book among the bestsellers by making it accessible and affordable.[elementor-template id=”504″]

We Have Demonstrated Expertise In The Field Of Book Marketing And Promotion.

Join our top book marketers and see your fan base develop. Utilize our cutting-edge book marketing strategy to maximize sales and enjoy the rewards you’ve been hoping for.
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Our Working Process

Manuscript finalization

Bring your manuscript to life with our editing and formatting services. Our expert editors will tweak your book to perfection and give it a polished look that’s both professional and captivating.

Cover design

Get ready to be wowed by our innovative cover designs, crafted by our talented designers who are passionate about bringing your book’s content to the forefront and grabbing the attention of your target audience.

Kindle account creation

Let us set up a Kindle account for you, where we’ll optimize your profile to reach its full potential, reaching more readers and customers.

Pricing strategy

Our pricing strategy is simple and budget-friendly, reflecting our belief in fair compensation for the hard work and creativity that goes into our services.

Publication & Optimization

With a wealth of publishing experience under our belt, we’re confident in our ability to make your book a published reality and maximize its potential through optimization on Kindle.

eBook Marketing

And finally, we’ll help you reach new heights by promoting your eBook to the right audience with our cutting-edge book marketing techniques, ensuring it reaches its full potential and becomes a viral success.[elementor-template id=”504″]

We Will Publish Every Genre For Your eBook

Now save your time and spend it with your loved ones because we are here to make you relax by publishing your ebooks. We are smart enough to jot down ideas regarding sharing your story to the world. Hire our book publishing services and let our professional marketers work on your next best-selling ebook.

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Rocking Reasons to Choose Us


Professional Publishing Is Our Mantra

Our publishers have a keen eye for your content. They will publish your eBook on best-selling book platforms to make them a successful hit. We will publish your eBook as the best-selling author.


Top-Notch Marketing Services

We know you want your book in a professional form, so we at Digitalmelons.co always provide high-quality ebook marketing services for every client who blesses themselves by hiring us.


Client Approval Gives Us Confidence

We only undergo clients’ approval regarding every publishing and marketing creation. Once we are done with our quality assurance process, we go ahead only after the client’s approval.


At Your Service, Always

Our services are all about you. We professionally guide our customers and help them in eBook publishing and marketing. Align yourself with professionals to be an inspiring author.

Inspire More People Through the Best Book Marketing Services

If you think we are missing something regarding your ebook publishing, you’re wrong. We have got all the creative heads onboard and provide various ebook publishing and marketing services. Just feast your eyes down below.

Ghostwriting / Ebook Writing

Our professional and experienced writer will go beyond to make your eBook engaging and interesting with sparks of maximum creativity.

Get Inspiring Cover Designs

You don’t need to worry about your eBook cover design. We will create a unique and imaginative book cover for your next best-selling eBook.

More Marketing | More Readers

Our professional and experienced writer will go beyond to make your eBook engaging and interesting with sparks of maximum creativity.

Avail of The Easiest Publishing & Printing

Don’t worry about publishing and printing your eBook. We will do it for you from professional publishers and printers.

Impress Readers By Audio Book

Not just through an eBook that will feast eyes, in fact, we will provide the audio version of your eBook to impress your targeted audience.

Show Your Art By Book Trailer

Marketing is at our fingertips because we are digital geeks we will market your book to the world by producing an appealing and remarkable book trailer.

Aspire For Your Writing Website

Show your smartness in the digital era. It’s time to get a website for your readers. Share all your ebooks through your websites to look like a professional author.

Proofreading |Formatting |Final Touch

We will proofread every chapter of your ebooks and format all the content professionally. We will give final touch-ups to make your content more engaging.


Have queries? We are here to help!
What Is Book Marketing?
The planning and techniques specifically created to market your book by focusing on the right audience are referred to as book marketing. You may increase your book sales with this method.
What Are The Duties Of A Book Marketer?
To boost authors’ profit margins, a book marketer creates and manages all the campaigns and strategies of a book marketing plan.
Yes, employing a skilled book marketer is necessary to improve your book’s sales and ranking.
How Much Does Hiring A Book Marketer Cost?
Your marketing objectives and the book marketing strategy you select will determine the cost of book marketing and promotion.
Why Should I Hire A Book Marketer?
Yes, employing a skilled book marketer is necessary to improve your book’s sales and ranking.
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