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We assist you in creating high-converting product pages, crafting intriguing product descriptions, taking stunning product photos, selecting your eCommerce store branding, and much more. All these ensure a great sales potential.

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Create Bang On eCommerce Stores with Us

Most of the world’s websites belong to quick web solutions, and there is no doubt it does deserve recognition. Selling online is HUGE today, set up the perfect one-stop shop with Digital Melons today and start making money. We give your business a quick digital solution with the most accessible and interactive eCommerce solutions.

Create Bang On eCommerce Stores with Us

Most of the world’s websites belong to quick web solutions, and there is no doubt it does deserve recognition. Selling online is HUGE today, set up the perfect one-stop shop with Digital Melons today and start making money. We give your business a quick digital solution with the most accessible and interactive eCommerce solutions.

Leading E-Commerce Marketplaces Results Like Never Before

Digital Melons is a leading eCommerce service provider by acing digital marketplaces. We offer Amazon, eBay, Shopify, and more

We Grow Amazon Like Jeff.

In our increasingly mobile world, connecting with audiences looking for products means having a presence on You need a competitive advantage to skip wasting money selling on Amazon while your products are buried and no one is buying. We stop you from getting lost in a crowded Amazon marketplace. Our Amazon experts boost your organic rankings and sales from beginning to end with correctly optimized Amazon product listings welcoming a lot of potential revenue on the table. Taking advantage of our full-service Amazon marketing services has never been that easy. From setting up an Amazon store to generating revenue, we’re all about great results through 360 Amazon Marketing Services.

We Offer 360 eBay Services.

Selling on an eCommerce platform is never easy, and it is the same for eBay. To market and sell your products more efficiently than your competitors requires a lot of skill, knowledge, and a perfect marketing strategy. We’re among the few experts who know how to sell well on eBay, leaving the competition in the dust. If you are a new seller on the forum, or a veteran seller looking to improve their sales, then we are here to help you.

We Sell Huge On Etsy.

Our Etsy account management executives are trained individuals who are updated with the latest e-commerce software & tools needed to manage the account smoothly. Managing an e-commerce account is a time-consuming task that can be turned into a smooth journey with our e-commerce account management specialists. Our Etsy experts ensure you’re reaching maximum ROI from the beginning.

Get Your Products On Front At Target Plus.

Kicking off the game as another eCommerce Marketplace in 2019, it soon counted as one of the biggest retail chains in the USA, facilitating third-party retailers. Target+ aims to provide its loyal customers easy access to a broader array of curated products and general merchandise through exclusive partnerships with selected third-party retailers. Our Target eCommerce experts devise a perfect strategy to establish your profitable online presence on other digital marketplace platforms and get accepted as a partner online Target merchant.

Sell more at Walmart Marketplace.

Walmart Marketplace platform is one of the fastest-growing eCommerce platforms with more than 110M monthly active users. It has evolved into a powerful branding tool. Alternatively, you can expand your reach and increase your ROI by listing your products on the Walmart marketplace. At Digital Melons, our forward-thinking eCommerce marketing agency works to provide unique Walmart Marketplace optimization solutions. Our eCommerce service propels your online business growth and reaches your full potential in the digital space.

Our Portfolio

Get a jump start on Digital Shopping Ads.

Come along with us and build a loyal and highly engaged customer base. Your brand needs to meet active people and tailor the message creatively to reach more consumers at a low cost and generate a better return on investment (ROI). When it comes to filling up carts, the approach becomes more strategic.

More Sales with Facebook Shopping Ads.

Facebook Shopping advertising management leverages various social ad formats, such as video, poll, carousel, and simple image ads, to generate interest in your brand offerings and move prospects along your conversion funnel. Our Facebook ad management specialists set up Facebook Pixel (analytics tool) on your website to easily track visitor activity upon seeing your Facebook ads.

Facebook Shopping Ads are here with a promise to make the shopping experience seamless and assist otherwise hands-tied direct-to-consumer (D2C) businesses, whether global brands or local companies

Advertising On Pinterest, Promising & Powerful.

Does advertising on Pinterest make the most sense for your brand? With a growing population of 400M monthly active users, Pinterest is a highly cost-effective digital advertising channel to boost your goal completions. Pinterest advertising follows a pay-for-placement (P4P) system -thus, you pay to promote your Pinterest ads on your chosen product Pins.
Our experts implement data-driven advertising strategies to maximize your Pinterest advertising cost to drive more traffic and sales to your website.
Being a leading social media advertising agency, our performance team knows just right to optimize your ad images, use rich Pins, refine your ad schedule and increase your conversions. Begin advertising on Pinterest and harness your full-funnel marketing potential.

Google Shopping Ads - Your Sales Team's Bestfriend

Google Shopping Ads is one of the finest eCommerce strategies to achieve a competitive advantage without overspending. Our performance experts help you achieve your business goals by balancing broad and ultra-specific keywords, bidding on high-performing search terms, and including transparent pricing on your Google Shopping ads to ramp up your sales.

At Digital Melons, we know how to make the most out of Google Shopping advertising with constant optimization till perfection achieve. We are all about extensive keyword research, optimized images for your feed, and adjusting your bid strategies to achieve desired results.

At Digital Melons, we implement data-driven CRO practices to increase your Google Shopping ads’ click-through rate (CTR). With a perfect Google Ad Campaign, we add a significant value to the revenue, which includes:

Social Media Marketing for eCommerce

Social media marketing is crucial to connecting your customer base to tap into the market and turn your audiences into loyal customers. Along with a solid social media presence, Social media advertising or paid social media is one of the most popular and effective digital marketing methods for boosting conversion rates for your eCommerce businesses. From developing strategies to creating campaigns, we promise results and a perfect outcome every time. Our marketing steps are simple!
Awareness –  Engagement – Conversion – UGC  – Never Ending Sale

Make Your eCommerce Brand 'Start of the Show.'

We believe in influencer marketing, and there are reasons for it. Social content creators with niche audiences can add considerable value to brands. These people have dedicated and engaged groups of followers on social media platforms such as Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook.

Influencer marketing has proved to be lucrative, which has reached $16.4B in 2022. It has become necessary to represent your brand through social media stars, and they can leverage your eCommerce businesses with:

Rank Your Store Fast with Perfect eCommerce SEO.

With the introduction of the internet and technological advancements, consumer needs are fast-changing. Customers now prefer the quickest and easiest ways to purchase what they need while maintaining a busy lifestyle. All it needs is to get searched by users if your brand can’t rank, it can’t survive.

Don’t worry. We’re your savior. eCommerce SEO services are quickly becoming necessary for retailers since online shopping provides convenience. Our experts do it just right for you.

Optimized eCommerce Strategies, Proven Results.

Shoppers feel they will find a better value online than in stores 71% of the time. eCommerce optimization is a comprehensive strategy for enhancing your website and making it easier for visitors to become clients. Everything on your website, from the navigation and design to the content and product descriptions, should purposefully steer people in the direction of purchasing your goods or services. Our experts are ready to enhance your eCommerce brand by offering an engaging user experience to the audience.

Take Your eCommerce Business to the Next Level.

You’ve made a few sales. It’s time to spend seriously on your store promotion. The pieces that follow will assist you in focusing on your best eCommerce marketing strategies or expanding into new ones to increase traffic and sales. Let’s make it blossom.

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