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Once there was a time when people used celebrity endorsement to help them build their brand; nowadays, there is a considerable impact created on the audience by influencers who have ample followers to beat the position of celebrity. To match the pace with technological advancements and innovations, we must stay up to the mark and adapt to change. Old marketing techniques are no more considered as valuable as digital marketing tools that give you results in a short period.[elementor-template id=”1649″]

Set A Trend

Why digital marketing consultancy?

Digital Marketing Consultancy is an excellent option for companies not looking for a completely outsourced digital marketing solution for their businesses. It provides you with our expertise to achieve your digital goals and your in-house teams with training and development assistance. We believe every existing or newly formed business requires proper digital marketing consultancy to flourish.[elementor-template id=”569″]

Influencer Marketing Is Lucrative!

The statistics for the influencer marketing industry in 2022 have reached $16.4B. In 2016, it was 1.7B, boosting up in 2020 and increasing in 2021 to 13.8B. The industry and the businesses related to it have shown an increase. This shows how necessary it has become to represent your brand through social media stars.

The budgets being allotted for this specific type of marketing are also increasing. We understand why the effectiveness of persuading viewers to consume that particular product or service is being promoted on social media platforms.

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It Covers Every Niche.

Standard influencer categories such as beauty and lifestyle are still prevalent, but financial influencers (influencers), skincare influencers (skin influencers), and pet influencers (pet influencers are also emerging.

In addition, influencers accept the challenge by moving from their original niche to other categories, and You can think out of the box when you are required to promote something. For example, beauty bloggers can be seen covering different areas of interest, such as travel, dining, and fitness.

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More about Influencer marketing, you need to know

Sponsored Content

The most basic strategy we go for when collaborating with an influencer. Here they are paid to show the products as a part of their life.


We have seen many ‘unboxing’ videos on Instagram and Youtube, which is usually what reviews strategy is about. The premise of these videos is that the influencer has never seen or used the product before, and they’re revealing and trying them for the very first time on screen.

Competitions & Giveaways

They engage the viewers and create brand awareness by intending them to comment, like, and share the Giveaways.

Product & Content Collaborations

New product launch with the help of influencers naming it after them. For example, Morphe collaborated with well-known influencers like Makeup artists James Charles and Jaclyn Hill, which made the brand more approachable.

Check This Out!

The Social Commerce industry is expected to grow to $80 billion by 2025 in the U.S. alone, with 72% of users using social media platforms to research brands and 97% of Gen Z consumers using social media as their top source of shopping inspiration. The number of U.S. social commerce buyers accelerated 25.2% to 80.1 million in 2020 and is anticipated to increase to 96 million in 2022. The survey was conducted by an international marketing agency in December 2021, asking 1,000 U.S. responders between 16 and 54 years about their social commerce and consumption behaviors.

Social commerce can help brands increase mobile conversion rates and cart abandonment rates. It can also support influencers in additional revenue streams, such as affiliate fees, when they sell third-party items and better margins. Our survey shows great interest in social commerce thanks to new social media features and tools.

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Studies show the following products that users buy more often on social media.

First place (22%) goes to apparel/clothing, second place (15%) to beauty/make-up products, and, holding the same third place (11%) to home products and electronics.

How often do users shop on social media?
29% of the responders like to shop on social media at least once a week, and 24% more than once a week.

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