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Whether it is about iOS or Android, We design full-fledged apps for your brands that access all digital platforms. Improve your customer support. Protect your websites. Guard your software programs with customer-centric applications to join the digital flow.

Build Your App

Go Tech To The Neck With Skilled Mobile App Developers

Want a streaming app to soothe your ears? A food app or shopping app to handle your living desires? We understand your brand’s digital needs and design apps to fill the brand’s gap wherever it lacks. Feel and show better with us to experience digital witness.

Captivating- Tech-Savvy & Modified iOS Apps

We Deliver Interactive iOS Applications With Class

Now your brand will speak louder than competitors because we are famous for iOS app development services. We at Digital Melons provide mobile app development services specially built with sleek UI, Tech-Savvy customer support, robust security, top-notch UX, powerful testing, and an active audience to win your brand digitally. Now app glitches are at bay because Digital Melons is here to work pridefully for your mobile app development.

Slaying With Modern iOS App Development Solutions

We undergo the ultra-advance iOS application development process to empower brands digitally in their deserving niches. All apps are robust, high-tech, and splendid to make your brand stand out. As iOS app developers, we empower brands with next-level app-building elements to digitize their business approach.
We create an iOS app with:

We, The Technoids Of Android App Development

We Think Technically to Design Interactive Android Apps

What makes us different is only a user-friendly and responsive interface, chat support functionality, search options, clear privacy options, multi-factor authentication, and scalable text. Regarding Android App development, our developers know the core of creative ideas, aesthetic visuals, consistency, minimal layouts, and to-the-point functionality.

We digitally push all-size companies to make them help get the most customer-centric apps for their businesses. While having over a decade of experience, we have already worked for ‘+50 niches’ and efficiently completed 300+ projects throughout our web applications to facilitate your businesses interactively so far.

Escalate Your Brands With a Leading Android App Development Company

At Digital Melons, we provide android app development services containing simplicity, speed, flexibility, security, bold color palettes, push notifications, and many more. Our full-stack android app developers work under ultra-modern technological methods to develop Android apps to make your brand highlighted.

We are passionate about developing full-stack android applications containing dedicated android app software testers and QA Analysts. Be our digital partner and get the best mobile app development services.

We are addicted to developing Android apps that will make your brand shout out differently among countless apps available on the Play Store server.

Get All App Development Services From Technophiles

We know the power of mobile app development, that’s why we choose to work as a creative mobile app development company. We only prefer aesthetic designs and high-quality functionality while developing apps for your businesses. It’s our nature to deliver the best. Win more with mobile app development services.


We are famous for our wearable app development services. We build wearable apps full of customized notifications & updates, easy to navigate and load, built-in sensors with bluetooth connectivity, ultimate data and strong privacy. Wear smart watches and glasses that are smart enough to flex.

Game Development

We are a mobile game development agency to boost your game. We work professionally to build top-notch mobile apps with modern software with eye-catching UI/UX to make your user experience out of the box. Foster your mind and get the town's best game app development services.

AR/VR Technology

Get the vibes of digital visual content in the real world while having our augmented reality app development Services. Experience ultra-modern AR apps to ease the process of any niche, including medical, fashion, interior, and real estate. ‘Think big, Act modern’ with Augmented Reality Apps.

Blockchain App

Secure your data with open-source technology because we’re experts in blockchain app development. Experience a next-level ‘Smart Contractor’ and a proper decentralized framework to work smartly in blockchains. Reshape your way of business even with mobile-based apps.


Turn your ideas from paper to digital form because we make an interactive prototype to capture the latest design concepts. It’s a moment to see your ideas with your eyes and validate your concepts and designs to go with the right approach. We smartly release your products and services.

Android App

We smartly convey efficient results, innovative ideas, and futuristic Android app development to our valuable customers. Agile, Scrum, Kunban, Dagger 2, Java, and Gradle are our tools to build savage android app development for you. Move digital, this time with an android app development agency.

iOS App

Are you ready to win the iOS app sector by showing something ground-breaking? Our iPhone app development team is serious about building what is ultra-modern and inventive that could easily support iOS, Apple Watch, iPhone, iPad, iPod, Mac, Apple TV, and the entire Apple gear.

Hybrid App

We build hybrid apps by utilizing ultra-modern and supreme languages, including HTML, Javascript, and CSS. Our hybrid apps are a mixture of native and web applications that provide an open-source frameworks. You can easily have these amazing hybrid apps from a mobile app development agency.

React Native

We work under a popular framework to provide high-performing web and mobile app development with versatile functionality to support iOS and Android. Our, react native apps contain pre-built components, speed, expertise, and creative framework knowledge to make you rule the digital industry.

Cross Platform App

We are known for designing cross platform application development in the industry. Get the fastest and smartest cross platform app developments services for various frameworks. Onetime coding will serve your brand forever on multiple platforms such as iOS, Windows, and Android.

Fitness App

We develop fitness apps too. Experience customize workout routines and track your health or sports activities. Our fitness apps contain tracking metrics, social sharing, activity summaries, use personalization and goal setting in an innovative way that you have never experienced before.

eCommerce App

It’s time to give happy vibes to your customers. Provide choices of easy refunds and faster payment methods. It’s happening with our mobile app development services. Feel the features such as live stream shopping, headless commerce, Social media integration, and incredible user experience.

Startup App

We develop apps for startups with a flexible approach. Introduce your product faster with proper functionality and time-to-time modifications. Grow your audience integrated with social media, analytic dashboard, voice search, gamification, and deep linking. Go digital with logic.

Enterprise App

Growing your business? Get our enterprise app development services specially crafted. to turn your complex business into the easiest one. Deploy these apps on the cloud across various networks. Get security, scalability, reporting, mobile functionality, and dashboards kind of perks.

Progressive Web App

Delivering the best progressive web app development services with a feature to work offline. It's easy to discover and install with automatic updates. Isn't sound crazy? Experience our dynamic codebase to utilize these amazing progressive web apps on any device with a relaxed mind.

UX/UI Engineering

UI/UX is the soul of mobile development. Customers interact with apps that have good designs and looks because it’s the key to being successful. We will develop UI/UX wIth creative CTA’s, Primary action buttons, image overlaying, enticing icons, and all that grab the customers' attention.

Migration Services

It’s a prime chance to migrate all your mobile apps to a new web framework without hassle. You are lucky that we are here to transfer your mobile applications to your current web architecture with complete security, interactive and responsive technicalities. It's time to flow digitally with us.

Software Quality

We don’t approve anything without testing, and when it comes to software quality testing, we are always curious to fix things for mobile apps. Our mindful QA experts solely focus on improving mobile apps making it more smooth and more robust with metrics and software quality testing.

Portfolio- Passion For All

We Revamp Brands With Latest Technologies

Digital Melons knows trending ideas and creative digital solutions with the latest technologies and languages to give you the best app experience. Only the latest technologies fuel up and force us to go for the technologies like




Industries, We Have Promoted Instantly


We are delivering the best application development services for the healthcare sector since we are in the digital world. We are designing apps ranging from telemedicine to apps crafted for patients and hospitals. All things are possible with creatives like us.


We build tech-savvy eCommerce apps for eCommerce stores. We have done it before for our clients to make them reach the industry’s new trends. Keep an eye on your orders, inventory, and customer experience. Avail of the best eCommerce apps so far.


Telephones are not enough to make you run your restaurant. We can build apps for your restaurants with an ultra-modern approach. Now make reservations, take orders, get easy payments and engage customers through your restaurant app.

Real Estate

We also augment real estate sectors and allow real estate dealers to communicate faster and share their property details, portfolios, offers, and new schemes with customers with our creative mobile app development services. Sell with smartness.


Our fintech apps are tech-savvy that escalate inclusion and financial strength. They are cost-effective, easy to use, innovative, allow faster access to loans, and improve customer experience, making you witness the smartest approach of all time.

Transport & Navigation

With the growing strength of the transport industry, we develop apps to make our customers avail mobile platforms to stay updated with expenses, reports, work history, and orders. Navigate digitally with our mobile app development services.


We design educational learning apps with creative and captivating vibes, especially for students. Increase knowledge, customized learning timelines, updated online educational portals, and ease of learning and communication with unique features.


Stay updated with your favorite teams and players, sports statistics, chat opinions, scores, team schedules, team communications, venues, and live streaming. We develop sports apps to accelerate the sports industry by making things easier for sports fans.


It’s a chance to sell hundreds of fashion products, from makeup to clothes. Browse and filter products, share offers, discount codes, and product details. Show new emerging fashion trends and new arrivals by having our creative mobile app services.

Industries, We Have Promoted Instantly

Altering The ‘App Trends’ With the Modern Development Approach

Digital Melons is on the verge of strengthening the digital world by developing personalized mobile applications to serve all industries by standing on its toes. The industries we cover are hard to count. However, we align with eCommerce, D2C brands, healthcare, transportation, retail, supply chain, education, and fintech Services.

We are old in the industry with experience of over a decade and served more than thousands of customers across 10+ regions globally. We work for all-size organizations to give our creative app development services that make them feel wow.


We, The Creatives, Tech-Geeks, and Digital Friends,
Creativity, appearance, and functionality separate us from our competitors as we are always open to creating functional and customer-centric mobile applications. We give values more than suggestions. We discuss ideas and essentials your brand needs to sky-rocket in the digital sky.

We’re a Bunch of Creative App Designers & Developers

We are food lovers and app development experts who are always confident about delivering their inspirational ideas and expertise in app development. We empower digital brands. We use ultra-modern technology and facilitate the user experience. We love challenges, so we can show what kind of expertise we have to earn your trust by delivering high-quality projects as a custom mobile app development company.

Quick, Easy, and Expert Development -
That's How We Boost Your Business


We are always on surveillance for the ideal uptime for your system. 15 minutes of production time to provide emergency support will save customer satisfaction and reduce your IT-related cost.


We monitor performance & security scans daily, along with backup copies and databases with further storage. Our tech support checks interactions and follow-ups with third-party vendors to ensure smooth performance.

Smart UX/UI App Design

Our proficients create the product, knowing exactly how it should work for your audience. We work with deep insights into your target audience, resulting in interactive and user-friendly solutions.

Custom Solutions Made Easy

We have the expertise to create a unique app for your business needs. We’re focused on your project, notifying you of the best choice for a faultlessly performing application and making it “live.”


Our Mobile App developers plan, develop and test your project to avoid any failure in the future. We have developed more than 100 software products to improve your workflow and coordination within the provided time.


Our latest digital solutions are not only a “product” specifically but a complete life of it. We co-join with clientele to improve efficiency and operating costs by providing the most tailored-made mobile phone applications.

Behind Their trust, there is our creative mindset

End-To-End Project Delivery

You share your vision, business needs, and specific reporting requirements, and we’ll take care of the rest. All our projects are delivered using the Agile Methodology.

Extended Delivery Centers

We extend and augment your existing delivery capabilities with highly skilled, multilingual IT professionals that operate as a remote extension of your current abilities.

Standard Team Extension

We build and deploy multi-skilled teams of experienced IT professionals who complement each other’s skills & strengths, so you can rapidly scale up or down according to your needs.

We Ace Every Industry, Digitally!

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