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Why is SEO so vital for your sales in 2022

Research shows that less than 1 percent of searchers using Google venture past the first page, and more than half never scroll down past the first three results on page one. Search engine optimization is one of the most valuable digital marketing tools. These days it’s pretty necessary to be digitally upgraded and known. So what SEO does is rank your business on the top when a person searches for a product or service that relates to your business. Our experts make sure this ranking doesn’t go below the top ever!

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We’ve been offering SEO solutions for over five years to companies looking to improve leads, increase online visibility, increase website traffic, and boost sales. Our time-tested SEO strategies and tactics have produced numerous client success stories.

Search engines are the tools to explore!

People are thirsty to explore everything online, from the cheapest tissue paper to high-end courses to get into or discover symptoms of any particular disease. In short, it can be anything such as checking on some excellent shopping malls, locating an address, or learning from educational material to complete their assignments, among other things. This implies that potential clients are most likely looking for products or services like yours online regardless of your company’s sales. You’ll need search engine optimization if you want them to land on your website.


If you’re a start-up or established company, you have been told that you should use SEO. Today, it is an essential part of a successful marketing strategy. More than 92% of the global traffic came from search engines. This number hit 27x stronger in the year 2025. That means it’s a great time to partner with SEO experts and to plan excellent results that are efficient and cost-friendly. Being an expert SEO Service Agency, we’re just one click away.

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Around 75% of people don’t scroll past the first page of search results? If you’re not dominating that page, you’re not acing it. Digital Melons’ SEO genie offers effective and affordable SEO services to elevate your sales and unlock your business potential.

We Master the Art for Your Ranks

There are several types of SEO we as an agency work on. Local SEO, Technical SEO, On-Page SEO, and primary keywords research & strategy.

Keywords Are King

To our SEO experts, Keyword research is consequential. It is powerful to reveal vital information to grow your business online.

Solid keyword research tells you what terms people are actively searching for and the competitiveness of those keywords. It guides your content marketing plan to increase organic search visibility, rankings, and traffic.

Looking for the latest Smart Watch that has set a buzz? If you type “The Latest Smart Watch 2022” into your browser, your gadget is just a click away. Whether a business is eCommerce or service-based, we believe in fetching out the best KW research that caters to your business’s SEO needs well. Using the right keywords for your posts and pages is essential if you want to be found at the top online. In other words, the right keywords will improve your search engine optimization (SEO) -and we bring the best of it to make your site rule the search page. Our SEO experts are ready, are you?

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A primary keyword research strategy

That’s our marketing head's mantra!

Perfect keyword research is an essential element we never skip while kicking off the SEO strategy. No matter what the clientele size is -a, thorough Keyword Research is one of our religious practices for proven ROI.

Continuing to improvise your niche results, here credits go to our content team, who hold expertise in creating content like no other.

Fun is when you have a competitive ground, and a quality battle occurs. We understand how vital building brand identity and brand loyalty is. SEO based on research is updated, which proves necessary for attaining an optimal position. Let us bring the results.

Our Steps for a Productive Keyword Research.

Our KW research steps are simple, effective, and result-oriented. We find keyword ideas based on key terms, related search, long-tail keywords, and LSI and check the TRUE keyword difficulty and search volume.

We work with the best for the best.

We work with some of the best tools that the marketing industry vouch

Press Releases and Guest Publications to Beef Up Your Organic Worth.

We use guest blogging to get more genuine traffic to their website. Around 15% of posts gained more than 100 referral sessions, with the highest for one post generating more than 500 sessions for a single guest post not even published on your site. Have you ever heard of ‘word of mouth?’ That’s how it works. Guest blogs enhance your site’s credibility, add value, and drive more traffic. We help you achieve that by connecting your brand with top publishing sites. Our experts ensure perfect guest posts for your business that will wind up clicking on the link to the website, so you get more natural traffic from a real audience to your site.

We Are Passionate to Fuel the Strength of Your Digital Marketing Footprint .

Team up with us to achieve beyond reality. Our clientele titled us as the Best SEO Agency around you. Our focused approach matches the trends of the best SEO services, and we manifest the best results with excellent SEO services. We at the Digital Melons, aka Best Global SEO Company, provide efficient Search Engine Optimization Services to help you succeed in top rankings on SERPs. Our SEO values are simple to work with

Here the Ranking Begins! Get Set Go.

Building a website doesn’t mean making it attractive for visitors. Keeping it as a pearl in the shell is actually cutting a potential revenue that is 3x of your current one.

There are multiple ways to optimize your website, but it all boils down to creating quality content for your audience and ensuring. We’re one step up by offering a great experience while browsing your site.

Improve your site speed, have a well-structured website, and write high-quality content your audience wants to read. And make sure you use the right keywords. Sounds like a package?

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